About Us


FeedLine.net, a global news site, has been operating since August 2019. The purpose of creating the site is to present the most important and interesting news happening in the world and in the country to a wide audience.


For the first time, FeedLine.net prepares operative news, answers to questions of readers and public interest, analytical articles, photo and video reports on the most current and interesting events in the country and the world in Azerbaijani, Russian, English and even Turkish for 24 hours.


Thanks to a well-chosen information policy, modern design, representation on mobile platforms and leading social networks, today FeedLine.net has taken its rightful place in the media space of Azerbaijan and has become one of the news portals with the widest readership.


Editor-in-chief - Elkhan Alasgarov

Address: Azerbaijan, Baku city, Icheri Sheher

Phone: (055) 216-06-32

E-mail: [email protected]