Sean Hannity imagines America under socialism after Sanders victory in New Hampshire

Sean Hannity painted a startling picture Wednesday night of what the U.S. economy would look like under a socialist government following Sen. Bernie Sanders' victory in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday.

"The moderates -- they are nonexistent, long-gone, pragmatic, centrist politicians," Hannity said during the opening monologue of his show. "There's not even room for Joe Lieberman in this Democratic Party, so radical, extreme, and, yes, [featuring] socialism that would destroy the great American prosperity that we now experience over the last three years. "

Sanders narrowly edged former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg to claim his second straight victory in the Granite State, following his 2016 crushing of eventual nominee Hillary Clinton.


"There is no other way to put this. If this guy is elected, these policies would destroy the economy of this country," Hannity said.

"Let's see, a $94 trillion new green deal in ten the same tenure. Fifty-two trillion dollars [for] Medicare for all. The government [would be] literally, full socialism. They would control the means of production for thousands of businesses across America. Oh, and take over the energy sector. For the first time in 75 years, we are [now] energy independent," Hannity said.

The primetime host continued, listing a number of implemented by President Trump that would likely be reversed in the event of a Sanders presidency.


"Taxes for every American -- he is running on this platform. We are going to raise our taxes. Maybe double or triple them. And if you saved enough money after we tax you the first time, we will legalize stealing more of it. After you die, you will give us another chunk of your money. Oh, and we will lose jobs because of his extreme environmental policies," Hannity continued.

"That is the platform. Your bank accounts will be stopped with a wealth tax ... the IRS might confiscate any income over a certain undisclosed amount [of time]. Bernie is standing by the idea of maximum income. Okay. If you earn it in three months, why would you bother working another day of the year? Creating jobs for other Americans? Or at least, that is what he has said publicly. That is what he is advocated for and standing by. By all accounts, even some Democrats, prominent Democrats, see this as a disaster for their party."

Hannity said that Sanders is currently on track to win the Democratic nomination, which would result in a "fight" to determine "the future and direction of the country."

"Whatever happens in the coming weeks and months, the state of the Democratic Party has never been worse," he concluded. "Still, let me emphasize again, anything can happen. I take nothing for granted. [In] 265 days, well, I would say, we are at a tipping point, America is on the brink."

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