Doctor reattaches boy’s hand severed during horror lawnmower incident

A 4-year-old boy in India is expected to make a full recovery after doctors reattached his left hand that was severed by a lawnmower.

The boy, identified as Shaurya Undre by British news agency South West News Service (SWNS), was playing with his father’s lawnmower when his left hand became caught in the machine and was subsequently amputated at the wrist.


“His left hand was completely avulsed with part of the bones attached to the body while the hand skin and muscle got detached,” Dr. Abhishek Ghosha, a micro-vascular surgeon who treated the boy, said. Further details regarding the incident were not provided.

Following a meticulous six-hour operation, Ghosha was able to reattach Shaurya’s hand.

"Seeing the young age of the child it was decided to attempt to salvage the hand. The patient was taken up for surgery immediately [after arriving at the hospital] and given anesthesia,” he said, adding skin and vein grafts from one of the 4-year-old’s legs were also used during the surgery.


“The amputated hand was closely observed under the microscope and a small blood vessel inside the muscle was noticed. This tiny blood vessel was then joined to the main artery of the forearm with the help of a long vein graft taken from the leg,” he continued. “The circulation of the hand started and the veins were then painstakingly joined under the microscope.”

Shaurya stayed in the hospital for a week following his surgery. He will soon begin physiotherapy to regain normal function of his left hand, according to SWNS.

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