Parents help son celebrate 21st birthday with ‘Club Quarantine’ set up in garage, viral video shows

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When you can’t go to the club, the club will come to you. That is, if you’re turning 21 and your parents don’t want you to miss out on the experience.

A video showing a family creating a “Club Quarantine” in their garage has gone viral on social media after originally being posted to TikTok.


According to the 50-second clip, the poster’s brother turned 21 the day before. His parents reportedly “felt bad that he couldn’t go to a bar/club” so his mom transformed the garage into a 21-and-up establishment – at least according to the sign posted outside the “bar’s” door, which reads “Must be 21 or older to enter.”

In the video, which has been viewed more than 370K times on Twitter alone as of Wednesday afternoon, the man’s dad is seen acting as a bouncer. The dad is heard asking for identification, which he then dutifully checks using his flashlight.


The newly-turned-21-year-old then travels inside, where his mom-turned-bartender cheerfully greets him and offers a free shot as part of the club’s birthday policy.

“We let the bouncer, the waitress and I do one with you,” the bartender mom says as she pours four shots.

Those on Twitter were tickled – and emotional – over the sweet video.


Some even shared their own family’s silly dinnertime and drinking antics during the quarantine.

Just add these to the list of creative ways people are staving off boredom during self-isolation.

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