Gutfeld on the media’s prison of two ideas

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The media's favorite way to report a story is from the "prison of two ideas," where they are lifers.

In that two-idea prison cell, you're either pro-immigration or a xenophobic bigot. You either love this planet or embrace evil “big oil.” You're either for peace, or you want war.

The latest? You either shut down the economy indefinitely, or you want people to die.


That preposterous filter makes it easier for them to slam the other side. It absolves them of nuance, intelligence and thoughtfulness, all of which are missing here.

“He’s a fan of money first, mortality second,” CNN host Chris Cuomo said of President Trump. “The greatest generation. They are going to be sacrificed. For what? … The fear that Trump’s efforts to be president will be hurt?”

CNN’s Jim Acosta said, “He's going too fast, causing confusion and quite possibly endangering lives in the process.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said, “You have to stay in, and for the president to make light of that as if it's like, well, so what? Some people will die, but the economy will grow.”

Do they really believe Trump is putting the economy before human life? No. It's just a game they play to keep busy.

The fact is, solutions to problems aren't “either-or,” but "this and that."

The solution here will be flexible, and ever-changing depending on the risks we identify. So it may be that we return to work in phases. Perhaps the young and healthy first; perhaps depending on region; perhaps depending on the type of business.

There are lots of factors and reasons for guarded optimism.

It's why Dr. Anthony Fauci and Trump work well together. Fauci is the cautious voice, while Trump is the generator of hope who understands people crave deadlines, even if those deadlines change. The press forgets that when it's bad cop/good cop, both cops want the same outcome.

What would the media prefer Trump to say? It doesn't matter since they're often wrong.

But a smart person can stand back and see the whole field. The media just stare at one patch of ground screaming at the ants.

Adapted from Greg Gutfeld's monologue on "The Five" on March 25, 2020.


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