Tropical Smoothie Cafe pledges to donate 100,000 smoothies to healthcare workers amidst coronavirus outrbreak

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This company found a smooth way to help out with the coronavirus pandemic.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe announced its goal to donate 100,000 smoothies across the nation to healthcare workers fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak. The brand is calling the promotion the "In It Together Campaign."

In a press release, the company confirmed that it has already donated about 20,000 smoothies across 20 states. According to the statement, the brand's focus is on supporting the local communities where its franchise owners and workers "live and work."


"In cafes across the country, the Tropical Smoothie Cafe family is working tirelessly to support our local communities, which are currently facing unprecedented hardship," said Charles Watson, CEO of Tropical Smoothie Cafe, LLC. "Our safety is dependent upon the selfless, hard work of our local healthcare workers and first responders and we want to help them in any way we can. The 100K smoothie giveaway is a simple, but impactful example of one way we can show our gratitude and bring a smile to their face, one sip at a time."

In order to reach its goal, the company has tasked each of its cafes to donate at least 100 smoothies to local healthcare workers and first responders.


Nick Crouch, a multi-unit franchisee and CEO of DYNE Hospitality Group, said, "As a small business owner, I was grateful for the opportunity to show our local first responders and healthcare workers who go above and beyond for us every day. Even if it is just in a small way, we want them to know we appreciate their hard work that we're all in this together!"

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