Team Trump campaigning at beaches Memorial Day weekend

The Trump campaign is delivering sky-high 2020 messages to beachgoers this Memorial Day weekend from the Jersey Shore down to the Florida Panhandle.

President Trump's campaign will fly "Keep America Great" aerial banners at eight popular beach destinations Saturday, Sunday and Monday as Americans, cooped up from months of coronavirus stay-at-home orders, celebrate the official start of summertime in the sun.

"President Trump is boldly leading our country to a better and brighter future,” Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director, said in a statement. “This Memorial Day, Team Trump is reminding Americans that President Trump will never stop working to ‘Keep America Great’ on their behalf.”


The 2020 election is less than six months away, but it has taken a backseat to the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing has prevented large gatherings, traditional glad-handing events and in-person fundraising. And it's unclear how those types of events would resume in earnest before the November election.

Presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden has been hunkered down in his Delaware basement, where he's launched a virtual campaign. Meanwhile, Trump is visible at the White House, but he hasn't held one of his signature campaign rallies since March 2 in North Carolina.

Trump signaled this week that he wants to bring the rallies back in some fashion.


Meantime, the Trump campaign is seeking to use creative ways to reach voters who are just now emerging from their homes. The planes will fly banners with Trump's slogan and direct beachgoers to text to join his 2020 election effort.

Here's where the banners are scheduled to be flown:

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