Steve Hilton: 5 things Trump should do to win reelection

President Trump should galvanize the country with positivity and optimism, Steve Hilton said Sunday, encouraging the Trump campaign to spread a message of hope as it works to reenergize his reelection bid.

"We've got to get America's mojo back," Hilton declared on "The Next Revolution."

"It's all so low-energy at the moment, mean and solemn and angry. President Trump can turn it around. That's what will get him reelected. Not all this negative stuff. Big ideas, bold action, positive patriotism."

Hilton encouraged Trump to focus on five areas ahead of the November election:

1) "Teach our kids to love America"

"The message in schools is that America is bad and evil," Hilton said. "That's not education, it’s leftist propaganda. We should teach the truth, yes, including the bad things, but not just the bad things."

Hilton suggested a national history program; online history courses; free visits to museums and landmarks; and a tax deduction for "patriotic learning," incentivizing families "to learn to love America together."

2) "Make America self-sufficient"

Hilton urged Trump to focus on securing U.S. supply chains and avoid the country's longtime reliance on foreign governments.

"If you want to sell it in America, make it in America," he said. "If there's one country on Earth that has the scale and diversity of resources to be truly self-sufficient, it's America. "

3) "Make America a family again"

"Whatever problem we're trying to solve, poverty, inequality, crime, drugs, you name it, the best single thing you can do is make sure children are raised in a loving home," Hilton said. "When parents stay together, they increase the odds that their children will climb the ladder of opportunity."

4) "Make American cities great again"

"Democrats have let our beautiful cities be scarred with crime, disorder and educational disorder," Hilton said.

"We mustn't leave this to the left," he went on, suggesting "conservative solutions," namely "school choice, safe streets and strong families."

5) "Peace Corps for America"

"Bring young people together from different parts of the country, different backgrounds to serve American community needs," Hilton said, suggesting "a kind of non-military national service.

"Let's see [it] from the White House from now until November," Hilton concluded. "Teach our kids to love America. Make America self-sufficient. Make America a family again, a new deal for cities, [and] Peace Corps for America."

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