Massive gap: Gallup measures historic partisan divide on Trump’s approval

Ninety-one percent of Republicans surveyed in a new Gallup poll say they approve of how President Trump’s handling his job.

That support plunges to just 2 percent among Democrats questioned in the same survey.

Gallup reports that the 89-point difference between Republicans' and Democrats' ratings of Trump is the largest partisan gap they’ve ever measured for a presidential approval rating.


In late January and early February, around the time of the Senate impeachment trial and ultimate acquittal, Trump had registered 87-point gaps in a Gallup poll.

The president stands at 33 percent approval among independent voters in the new survey.

The latest results come from a Gallup poll conducted June 8-June 30.

The president’s overall approval rating stands at 38 percent, basically unchanged from Trump’s 39 percent approval in Gallup’s previous survey, conducted May 28-June 4.

The president stood at 49 percent approval in Gallup polls conducted in April and again in early May.

Gallup noted that “the drop in Trump's job approval rating puts him in the company of George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter, the last two one-term presidents, who also had sub-40 percent approval ratings in June of their reelection years.”

Carter stood at 32 percent approval in Gallup polling in June of 1980 and the first President Bush registered at 37 percent.


But there are still four months to go until the November general election, which is an eternity in campaign politics. President Harry Truman stood at 40 percent approval in Gallup’s June 1946 survey. Truman eventually rebounded to score a come-from-behind victory over challenger Gov. Thomas Dewey of New York.

Of the post-World War II presidents who won reelection to a second term, Dwight Eisenhower stood at 73 percent in June of 1956, Richard Nixon was at 58 percent in June of 1972, Ronald Reagan was at 54 percent in June of 1984, Bill Clinton stood at 55 percent in June of 1996, George W. Bush was at 49 percent in June of 2004, and Barack Obama stood at 46 percent in June of 2012.

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