New York Times front page fawns over Kamala Harris four years after barely mentioning Mike Pence

The New York Times fawned over presumptive Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris Wednesday with a glowing front page featuring four separate headlines – but critics on social media were quick to point out that then-candidate Donald Trump’s selection of Mike Pence didn’t receive the same treatment.


The Times front page features the headlines: “Harris joins Biden ticket, achieving a first,” “Political warrior shaped by life in 2 worlds,” “Pick seen as safe but energizing” and “Woman of color in No. 2 slot of major party.”

Political pundit Ben Shapiro characterized the paper's coverage of Joe Biden's selection of Harris to be his running mate as "drooling."


Shapiro shared the Times cover on Twitter, and a follower replied with an image of the front page for July 16, 2016, the day after Trump tapped Pence, then Indiana governor, to be his running mate. The image has been verified as accurate by

The 2016 front page relegated Trump's choice of Pence to a single "Man in the News" feature column below the fold headlined, “Unbending Conservative.”

The New York Times did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On Tuesday, the paper was criticized for calling Harris a "pragmatic moderate" in its tweet alerting Biden's choice.

There are plenty of factors that determine where and whether stories are placed on one of journalism’s most vaunted pieces of real estate. The fact that Harris is the first Black woman to appear on a major party's presidiential ticket was no doubt a significant factor in the decision.

However, the difference between how the selections of Harris and Pence were covered won’t help critics of the paper who feel it favors Democrats.’ Eddie DeMarche contributed to this report.  

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