Ohio will not provide return postage for mail-in ballots for 2020 election

Ohio's Controlling Board ruled against a push by Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose to attach free postage to every mail-in ballot sent out within the state on Monday, by a party-line vote of 4-2.

LaRose’s fellow Republicans on the panel said the move should require approval from the GOP-led state legislature, according to Fox 19.

LaRose had already reportedly tried to push through a package of reforms in time for Election Day but was having trouble gaining any political traction for his agenda.


“Ohio has a sound elections system, but today was another missed opportunity by the legislature to make a small change, without an impact on our state budget, that would yield a big improvement,” he said.

The secretary of state added he would have tapped his office budget to cover any postage costs for the absentee ballots, Fox 19 reported.

State voters can show up early to vote in-person, if they so choose, from Oct. 6 through Nov. 2.

Residents will be able to request an absentee ballot through the mail and it will be sent out starting on Oct. 6, or they can opt to vote on Nov. 3.

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