Trump battling Biden, liberal media at presidential debates: Sarah Sanders

President Trump will not only be battling Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during the presidential debates but also the liberal media, former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday.

Sanders, a contributor, told “America’s Newsroom” that Trump “isn't just up against Joe Biden, unfortunately he is up against the liberal media who want Joe Biden to do well in these debates.”

She went on to say that if Biden “doesn't completely blow it” she thinks the liberal media “will declare him the winner no matter how good Donald Trump does on that stage.”

“ Sunday” host Chris Wallace was selected to moderate the first presidential debate scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 29, at Case Western University and the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. The format for the first showdown calls for six 15-minute-long segments – with each segment dedicated to a particular topic.

During an exclusive interview on “Fox & Friends” on Monday, President Trump said he assumes Biden is “going to do great” during the first presidential debate then went on to slam the former vice president.

Trump is reportedly taking a new approach to the upcoming debates by preparing, which is something he didn’t do in 2016.

The incumbent is studying Biden’s idiosyncrasies, hoping to trip up the former vice president and avoid any missteps from four years ago, Politico reported earlier this month.


In 2016, Trump refused to conduct a mock debate, he didn't allow anyone to play former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and he would not simulate the question-and-answer dynamic between moderator and candidates.

“I think if Joe Biden doesn't fall asleep on stage the media will declare him the winner regardless of how well the president does,” Sanders said Thursday.

She pointed out that Trump is “prepping every single day” and she thinks he will “do fine.”

“Let's not forget President Trump is taking questions almost every single day from the press in a variety of different formats so he is prepping all the time,” Sanders said. “Whereas Joe Biden has not been doing day in and day out press conferences the way President Trump is.”

Sanders went on to say that Trump “did a great job in 2016” and stressed that she does think “it's important for him to come out strong” in 2020.

On Wednesday, Biden said he’s begun to prepare for next week’s debate and that more intense preparation begins Thursday.’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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