Arizona drive-by shooting injures 7, including 1-year-old baby

Arizona police say a drive-by shooting at an outdoor event injured seven people, including a year-old baby who was fighting for its life in critical condition.

It happened Friday night in Mesa in a strip mall parking lot where families had gathered for a pop-up event with food trucks and tents, according to reports.

Police said the gunfire came from an SUV that drove down the road and then stopped.

“We just started hearing shots ring out and after the first shot everybody like scattered,” one of the victims, Sally Holderbach, told KNVX-TV.


A bullet fragment struck her in the foot.

Holderback said the people with the baby began screaming for help. The child remained in critical condition, authorities said Saturday.

Holderbach was one of three adults injured. Besides the baby, three children, ages 6, 9 and 16, were also hurt.


“This bottom line is this: whether those people are a family, a friend, an acquaintance -- they crossed the line. They shot children and that’s unacceptable,” Mesa Police Chief Kevin Cost said Saturday, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.

The investigation is continuing. No arrests have been announced.

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