Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins dead at 93

David Dinkins, who served as New York City's first and only Black mayor during the 1990s, has died at 93.

Dinkins' health aide found him unresponsive in his Lenox Hill apartment Monday night, the New York Post reported. The NYPD confrimed the report.

"I extend my deepest condolences to the family of Mayor David Dinkins, and to the many New Yorkers who loved and supported him," tweeted former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani. "He gave a great deal of his life in service to our great City. That service is respected and honored by all."


The paper reported that Dinkins defeated Ed Koch, the three-term incumbent, in the 1989 Democratic primary and beat Rudy Giuliani that same year to become the city’s 106th mayor.

He died just over a month after his wife, Joyce Dinkins, passed away at 89.

Dinkins was born in 1927 in Trenton, New Jersey, reports said. He attended Howard University and Brooklyn Law School.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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