Over 100 senior citizens in Delray Beach received free turkeys

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Delray Beach Police in Florida teamed up with a group of local nonprofits to give away free turkeys to more than 100 senior citizens.

"Normally, we would have had a big dinner for the senior citizens in-person at Pompey Park," Chief Javaro Sims said in a statement to FeedLine.net. "But because of COVID-19, we couldn't do it this year.  Handing out the Thanksgiving baskets was the best way we could say thank you to our seniors." 


The department said they handed out "100 Turkeys in all, with plenty of sides,” Tuesday morning, Ted White, the department’s spokesman, told FeedLine.net. “Most of the recipients are part of the senior program at Pompey Park. We also gave turkeys to other seniors citizens in the community.”

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Source: www.foxnews.com

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