Texas funeral became coronavirus superspreader event after 42 were sickened, family claims

A Texas family says their mother’s funeral, held earlier this month, turned into a super-spreader event after more than 40 people came down with coronavirus.

Delynda Cruz, whose mother the funeral was held for, told Fox 4 News she started feeling sick about two days after the Nov. 8 service.

“I got chills on Tuesday night,” she told the news outlet. “And then Wednesday morning I ran a little bit of a fever.”

Cruz said that the family is speaking out after more than 100 people came to honor her mother because they want others to be cognizant of the risk of coronavirus. Those who were infected ranged in age from as young as 3 to as old as 90, Fox 4 News reported.

“It was frightening knowing that I could’ve been the one that gave [it to] my 90-year-old aunt,” she told the news outlet. “Or, I could’ve been the one that gave the 3-year-old, or I could’ve been the one that gave my cousin that’s fighting for his life.”


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers large in-person gatherings and services held indoors where it is difficult for people to maintain 6 feet of distance to be an activity that is among the “highest risk.”

“In some situations, many people have become sick with COVID-19 after attending a funeral service,” the CDC warns. “To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in communities, changes need to be made to the way funerals, visitations and memorials to the deceased are held. This guidance provides strategies to protect yourself and others when you are grieving the loss of a loved one, supporting each other, making funeral arrangements, and participating in funeral services and visitations.”


Cruz said that most people wore masks, but social distancing wasn’t enforced during the indoor service. The state’s department of health has reportedly contacted several of the family members, Cruz told Fox 4 News.


Texas has seen over 1.2 million cases of coronavirus and more than 21,630 deaths. The state currently has a testing positivity rate of 10.66%, according to Johns Hopkins University. Several other families have spoken out about spread among relatives including one family who created a PSA about their coronavirus cluster.

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