Fewer babies named Karen than ever before

Say goodbye to Karen for a generation.

When it comes to naming a baby, new parents have to be careful. There are always names that come and go out of style and the kid is going to have to live with that decision for the rest of their life.

For example, the name Karen has apparently become incredibly unpopular.

Fewer and fewer people are naming their babies Karen, Yahoo News reports. According to the news outlet, the name dropped 171 spots on the list of the most common baby names over the course of 2020.

Karen apparently fell from the already low 660th ranking all the way down to 831.

This is most likely due to the recent trend of using the name Karen as a pejorative term to describe a difficult or entitled woman. The term is also mainly used to describe white women who are behaving this way.

According to information from the Social Security Administration, only 325 baby girls were named Karen last year. In the year 1965, there were reportedly 33,000 Karens born.


FeedLine.net reported in September of last year that the name Karen was dropping in popularity and things have appeared to only get worse from there.

While the origins of the use of Karen as a pejorative are unclear, Insider reports that many people seem to credit it to a 2005 joke from stand-up comedian Dane Cook. In the bit, he talked about how every group of friends has someone in that they hate and when that person isn’t around, everyone complains about that person.

In the bit, he used the name Karen as an example of this sort of person.

Others credit the film "Mean Girls" as the origin of the term. Regardless of how it came to be, the damage is done.

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