Lifeguards carry 95-year-old to beach every day for 1 week so she can enjoy her vacation

A group of lifeguards who were photographed carrying a 95-year-old vacationer across an Alabama beach are being praised for their kind act.

Kimberly Waterbury, and her 95-year-old mother, Dottie Schneider, from Chandler, Indiana, headed to Orange Beach this October to vacation on the Gulf Coast.

Schneider uses a wheelchair and was unable to walk in the sand on her own. The Beach Safety Division in the City of Orange Beach then went above and beyond after a guard first spotted Waterbury helping Schneider along the beach. The guard offered her a ride in his beach patrol vehicle and she accepted. The guard gave her the field office number, and they called every morning to let the guards know when they were ready to go to the beach.

"In the past, when they’d gone to the beach, she couldn’t get to the beachfront. They had to sit by the pool deck. Being able to put her feet in the sand and seeing the waves crash on the shore, I think that made all the difference," Brett Lesinger, Beach Safety Division Chief in the City of Orange Beach, told 

To help the nonagenarian and her daughter, the guards who were in the area would coordinate to pick her up at her hotel and take her to the chair set they had rented on the beach. Stepping up was lifeguard Shane Martin, who arrived with a smile on his face four days in a row to help.  When the family left on Friday, the guards gathered to say their goodbyes and wish them well.

"We are forever indebted to the guys with Orange Beach Surf Rescue," Waterbury, visibly moved, told "They made my mother feel special. She was not made to feel like she was a burden on anybody."

The team of lifeguards said they view the service they provided for Schneider as just another day at the office. "[Many of us] have grandparents, and I think it was one of those things where [Martin] felt sort of special about it because it reminded him of a grandparent," Lesinger added.

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